Required Reading and Resources

Professional Yoga Teacher Training Programs 

You are getting ready to embark on a wonderful study of Yoga, Ayurveda, Somatics and of course yourself.

We have curated an incredible list of resources that we will use as the required texts. We have also created several options for you to purchase these resources with ease and in some cases discounts!

    Purchase from Yoga North ISYI

    Purchase from Yoga North ISYI

    Yoga North Supplies

    Discounts on any of the individual items that you need on your list from Yoga North, or the bundle of all of them. Use the promo code for your teacher training cohort.

    If you are local to Duluth, you can pick-up and avoid shipping cost! You may also want to check with Tula Yoga in St. Paul if you are local there.

    The Yoga North exclusive items are the handbook, guidebooks, and spinal strips (see *asterisks).

    Please call 218-722-9642 if you have questions. 

    Quantities are limited on certain books, first come first serve. 

    Purchase From Amazon. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

    Other Supplies

    We are phasing out of carrying inventory at Yoga North, so we do not have all the supplies in stock anymore, although we do have dwindling levels of some.

    You are welcome to source props and books from any seller. We’ve started using the Amazon Associate program. Many of these items are available on Amazon, and if you order using the links below, we get a small commission (thank you!).