Yoga North ISYI 500 Hour TT Student

Written by Kris Luebbert, Yoga North ISYI’s 350/500 Hour Teacher Training Program Student

My brain literally forgot there was a different way of being

Sharing this because it’s a huge “ha-ha” moment that is thanks to yoga. I began my SomaYoga/Yoga Therapist training last October. Through this training I discovered that I have some chronically helped tension in my body that over time, I accepted as “normal”. My brain literally forgot that there was a different way of being. It’s a thing, for real. Whether it’s an injury or some or regular, repeated use, or trauma or a combo of all or this, my body developed a pattern to where I over-contracted my lower spine and that made my lower back tight which then caused a trickle-out of my hips and shoulders to also move out of what is my neutral.

I have struggled to get my butt in the saddle

I have struggled to get my butt in the saddle. To put my sit bones in the saddle meant that my lower back hurt after the ride. I forced myself to what I needed to look like that and that caused tension in my body and my horse. I started to notice that I could change this pattern in my body when I started to explore SomeYoga and Yoga Therapy. I have been very slowly and mindfully working on this through the winter and WOW, did we all see the difference today!

Yoga North ISYI 500 Hour TT Student

Today, I was able to SEE the difference, others did too.

Through my SomaYoga and Yoga Therapy training I was able to find a new seat in the saddle! The first two picture are from June of 2020 on my mare, Flecha. Notice my butt, it’s away from the back of the saddle, my legs are bent, my shoulders are tight and my horse is not relaxed. See her head? It’s upright and she stride right short. It’s hard to see in a still pic but this is what is happening.

Fast forward to today. Seven months into SomaYoga.

I’m on a different horse that I haven’t met until today, so this is not apples to apples but my seat, legs, shoulders, and horses’ headset, and stride are completely different! Notice my butt is closer to the seat, my shoulders are way more relaxed and notice the horse, moving freely and headset relaxed and calm. Whoa, no idea these conscience, slow, small movements I have been practicing have made this big of a difference!

Not only has it changed my riding, but I’m more aware of my walking and running. My back and shoulder pain is almost zero, and I know what to do if I’m feeling off. It’s been the “ah-ha” moment I needed to change my life. I’m more stable and functional, can operate with less pain and way more awareness. Horses don’t lie. I can say this stuff all day long but today the horse told me that I’m onto something. 

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