Let me give you a little intro:
According to Ayurveda our body is made up of 7 tissues (skin, bone, blood, muscle, etc). Each tissue holds its uniqueness in terms of its function, action and contribution to health. The same goes when we move from a state of health to a state of dis-ease. Each tissue responds in a different way. At times the channels get stagnant, at times the cellular intelligence is low and other times there is hyper activity. It means that a tissue can undergo abnormal qualitative and quantitative changes.

Every condition can be understood in terms of the doshas but to get the full picture, we have to look deeper, into the bodily tissues.

This program will guide you how to modify asanas, use shat kriyas, mantra, mudras, pranayama based on a tissue/dhatu and a condition. How to use the wisdom of tanmatra, triangles of five pranas, pittas and kaphas to address the root cause.

It is going to be intense and worth your time, energy and dedication!