Yoga North has a new selection of merchandise options with our logos. We have a few requested favorite logos uploaded at our new store on You can choose hats, mugs, shirts, stickers, and more, so find whatever fits into your lifestyle avenue that you’d like to represent your fondness for Yoga North. Thank you for your support always!

Find your True North! Our Redbubble merch can be found with the prior link or search for our shop under “SomaYoga”

We’ve also gotten new yellow Yoga North 9″ stability balls here in our office for sale! We are really digging into the ways that these stability balls can be partially inflated or deflated with the included straw, and then used as a soft tissue self-massage tool as you are doing somatic movement in hard to reach places. We’re starting to use these stability balls more in our classes, Teacher Trainings, and private sessions, so try one out with us and feel that lovely feeling of release! Click HERE to come to our online store.