Connecting Duluth, Minnesota, with Yoga Therapy Internationally

Duluth, MN 3/21/22 — Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute (ISYI) is proud to share the news that Molly McManus, co-owner and lead faculty, will lead the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) as President in of the Board of Directors in the coming year of 2022-23. IAYT is the regulating body overseeing the growing professional field of Yoga Therapy, and Yoga North from Duluth, MN, has been a leader in this field for more than two decades. With Molly’s leadership, IAYT will continue to further its mission to establish yoga as a recognized and respected therapy, through supporting research, education and promotion of yoga as a healing art and science. Molly is passionate about the accessibility of the work of yoga therapy, and the opportunity to increase quality of life for anyone. Increasing Duluth’s connection to leading yoga therapists around the world will bring more attention to this profession locally as well. 

Molly McManus at the shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, MN

“It is an honor to serve in this leadership role for the International Association of Yoga Therapists.The organization’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in the field of yoga therapy as well as creating safe and accessible spaces for people to heal, grow and thrive are the driving factors for my allegiance and my continued work. I am excited to do great things here in Duluth and internationally with Yoga Therapy,” Molly McManus stated.

In addition to being an IAYT-certified yoga therapist, Molly is a Somatic educator, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, and Ayurvedic chef. She co-owns Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute, and is a past chair of IAYT’s Accreditation Committee. As a speaker and educator, Molly is sought for her interests in the resolution of chronic pain, diseases of stress and trauma, and systems for whole-person well-being. She has co-founded the methodology SomaYoga, and designed programs such as Yoga North ISYI’s Yoga Teacher Training and Accredited Yoga Therapy Program, Nourish Ayurveda, SomaYoga for Chronic Pain Resolution weekly classes, and Teaching Yoga Therapy for Stress, Anxiety and Depression intensive.

Molly participates in continuous training and active engagement in her field. Her current journey includes co-authoring a book on SomaYoga methodology, developing a yoga therapy program to support ICU survivors, and serving as a lead faculty member for Yoga North programs. In addition to cooking and creating Ayurvedic products, she loves to travel, attend concerts, and spend time with her husband, beloved cats, and her Duluth, Minnesota, community. Through yoga therapy, Molly promotes the work of living where we are in the present, and finding joy and contentment regardless of the state of the body-mind.

“IAYT is fortunate to have Molly step in as President of the board. She will be a wonderful asset to IAYT and the field of Yoga Therapy. Congratulations Molly, we are so proud of you!” said Ann Maxwell, co-owner of Yoga North. 

Yoga North is known for academic excellence in yoga teacher and therapist training and respected for innovative ideas in their curriculum. Through the richness of SomaYoga methodology, Yoga North supports the strength and flexibility of the body, in support of a focused mind and a vital spirit in a community-focused, safe, fun, and supportive environment. 


If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Molly McManus at or Yoga North, at 218-722-9642, or email