+350/500 Hour/Level I Yoga Therapy Training

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor or Yoga Therapist

Enroll in the Level I Yoga Therapy Training program to deepen your practice, deepen your learning, or become a skilled and internationally certified Yoga Instructor or Yoga Therapist. Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute uses unique techniques based on the Yamas & Niyamas and a progressive approach to classic yoga using somatics, therapeutic yoga and bridging these techniques back to classic postures/asana.

This +350/500 hour TT/Level 1 Yoga Therapy training program begins after completing a 200 hour program at Yoga North ISYI or another qualified yoga studio and maintaining at least one year of yoga practice and yoga teaching. Once you have gained “the essentials” from your 200 hour training, you are invited to deepen your study with advancing the areas of study in body, breath, mind, and philosophy. The course consists of intensive weekends, one per month with additional home study, practicum work and a mentorship program. Final weekend of the training will include retreat time.

+350/500 Hour Level 1 Yoga Therapy Training Program Start Dates:

  • Fall 2019 begins October 11, 2019 at our Duluth, Minnesota location
  • Fall 2020 program begins October 9, 2020 at our St. Paul, Minnesota location

I found the business development training to be extremely valuable. The materials, teaching, conference calls and informal conversations around the dinner table all provided effective professional development and support.

Yoga Therapy Training Program Alumni

Type of Study

The Yoga North 500 hour advanced program has a focus in Therapeutic SomaYoga and Classic Hatha Yoga at the +350/500 hour levels. Completion of this program results in 500 hours which can be submitted to Yoga Alliance for certification as a Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500-hour level (RYT500). This study also counts as the first 500 hours of a 1000-hour Yoga Therapy Certification.

Yoga North ISYI +350/500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Begins October 11, 2019 

Accepting Applications. Limited Space Available.

Our location for training rotates between Duluth and St. Paul every other year to accommodate students interested in traveling from other locations. Both locations are close to International airports and on direct travel routes.

Our next +350/500 Hour Teacher Training/Level 1 Yoga Therapy Dual Certification starts October 11, 2019 and be held at Yoga North ISYI in Duluth, Minnesota.

Fall 2020 program begins October 9, 2020 and will be held at Tula Yoga and Wellness—our St. Paul, Minnesota location—Enroll by January 17, 2020 and save $300!

Deepen your study by advancing the areas of study in body, breath, mind and philosophy

Our innovative curriculum and pairing of the neuromuscular re-education discipline of Somatics with the ancient wisdom of yoga is a unique blend that brings profound results with less effort in advancing even the seasoned yogi’s practice. Our goal as faculty is to provide:

  • thorough knowledge of postures and a comfort level in teaching and assisting postures in others
  • comprehensive knowledge of yogic philosophy and ability to relate this understanding to life
  • opportunities for each student to leave with a much deeper understanding of themselves

Our Philosophy

At Yoga North we share the ancient yogic science, which provides tools and guidance to adjust your life to the true essence and evolution of your soul, allowing you the opportunity to “find your true north”. Our philosophy and teacher training is in the Himalayan Tradition. The Himalayan Tradition is rich in the teachings of the 8-fold Ashtanga path, encouraging personal and social awakening and transformation. All classes at Yoga North are offered in support of the awakening and transformation of each student.

What is SomaYoga Therapy

SomaYoga is a unique blending of work that includes:

  • Traditional Yogic Philosophy from the Himalayan Tradition
  • Traditional Yogic Meditation and Training of the Mind
  • Modern Systems Theory Practice and Personal Development
  • Ayurveda—Yoga’s Sister Science
  • Traditional Pranayama—Working with the Breath
  • Classic Asana, Traditional Therapeutic Yoga and the Neuromuscular Re-Education of Somatics

+350/500 Hour Teacher Training Course Topics

We progress your body awareness in both your personal practice and your teaching. Curriculum includes:

  • A History of Traditions and Their Teachings

  • Wisdom of the Vedas 

  • Wisdom of the Upanishads

  • Wisdom of the Bhagavad-Gita

  • Wisdom of the Yoga Sutras

  • The Yamas and Niyamas

  • Student Guru Relationship

  • Ayurveda Philosophy and Practice

  • Ayurvedic Cooking

  • Finding Silence & Stillness

  • Teaching Meditation

  • Teaching Restorative Yoga and Relaxation

  • Teaching Yoga for Stress, Anxiety and Depression

  • Mind Study & Working with the Shadow

  • Mantra, Mudra and Marma as Yoga Therapy

  • Professional Development

  • Business Ethics

  • SomaYoga

  • Therapeutic Yoga

  • Therapeutic Approach to Classic Asana

  • Anatomy, Asana and Yoga Therapy for the Spine and Back

  • Anatomy, Asana & Yoga Therapy for the Pelvis and Lower Limbs

  • Anatomy, Asana and Yoga Therapy for the Shoulders and Upper Limbs

  • Anatomy, Asana & Yoga Therapy for the Pelvic Floor

  • Anatomy & Cadaver Lab Integration

  • Yoga & Therapy for Core Stability

  • Understanding Joints

  • Adaptive Yoga & Student Variance

  • The Art of Seeing—Developing Your Ability to See Postural Analysis

  • Building a Private Practice with Yoga & Yoga Therapy

  • Creating Therapeutic and Specialty Classes and Workshops

  • Advanced Breath and Bandhas

  • Aligning the Subtle Body and Chakras

The yoga therapy components of our certification programs are based on our accreditation through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), not derived from our status as an RYS® with Yoga Alliance Registry.

+350/500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

2019 Start: Duluth, MN Location

Fall 2019–Summer 2020 
October 11–13, 2019
November  8–10, 2019
December 13–15, 2019
January 10–12, 2020
February 21–23, 2020
March 13–15, 2020
April 10–12, 2020
May 15–17, 2020
June 12–14, 2020
July 10–12, 2020

Tuition: $4600 (plus $50 application fee)
SAVE $200—Early Enroll by August 11, 2019

2020 Start: St. Paul, MN Location

Fall 2020–Summer 2021
October 9-11, 2020 
November 13-15, 2020 
December 11-13 , 2020 
January 15-17, 2021 
February 12-14, 2021
March 12-14, 2021
April 9-11, 2021 
May 14-16, 2021 
June 11-13, 2021 
July 9-11, 2021

Tuition: $4900 (plus $50 application fee)

SAVE $300—Early Enroll by January 17, 2020


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