How To Sign Up

How To Sign Up

Morning classes on Tuesday and Thursday will be followed by an opportunity for discussion and connection in Satsanga. Several evening classes will be finished with deep relaxation, Yoga Nidra, or silent meditation. 

Step 1: Go to Class Schedule, Sign up and Contribute

Go to the schedule section and click on the “Sign Up” button. This will prompt you to choose a pricing option. Please contribute what you can for online classes.

The following options are available:

  • I Support Yoga North: $5–$30
  • Regular class pricing and punch cards
    (If you purchase a 5 or 10 class pass, the next class you sign up for will automatically deduct from that class pass and NOT bring you to the pricing options list for a transaction.)

Step 2: Get Technology Set-Up and Join us Online

You will only need to install Zoom the first time you use it; then it will be quicker to join thereafter. Zoom is available for phones, tablets, and computers. Download the Zoom Cloud Meeting app on your device from your App Store, or open a web browser and click on the Zoom hyperlink from the class list to prompt your device to get the correct app.

Step 3: Find the Zoom Link

In order to keep the connection accessible, each weekly class will use the same Zoom meeting number and link from week to week.  Access the Zoom link in one of three ways:

  1. On the page, below the Class Schedule Calendar, see the bulleted list of the class days and times; OR
  2. On, click on the class description in the Class Schedule Calendar; OR
  3. In the Facebook Event for the class

Step 4: Click the Zoom link and Join Us on the Mat!

If you arrive early, you’ll be in a waiting room until the teacher is ready to let everyone in. You can even come late and no one will be bothered by any disturbances in Zoom, so come on in!

Give us a call at 218-722-9642 if you have questions. 

Best Practices for Online Classes
  1. Add class to your calendar – Set an alarm 15-10 mins before class to allow time to get set up. We suggest that you come 5 minutes early to class to get settled, just like an in-person yoga class.
  2. All people in your household are welcome to join, so invite them, or ask for a quiet space if you are the only one attending the online class.
  3. Find a clear spot to set yourself up. Common props we might use include a chair, a wall, yoga mat, blanket, a spinal strip if you have one, or a rolled-up towel or folded blanket. A blanket, bolster or eye pillow can be helpful for Savasana. 
  4. Consider lighting a candle, or doing something to help create sacred space.
  5. Mute & Video Sharing – You can mute yourself and “stop your video” from the bottom left corner of your own video square so that others can’t see you while you are doing the practice. We will ask all to stay muted during practice so we don’t hear talking, phones ringing, dogs barking etc.
  6. Save questions for the end and we’d love to chat with you and connect socially! Then click on Gallery View in top right corner to see all the faces. Each person can unmute one at a time to speak their comments. 
  7. Drink water and stay hydrated
Yoga North ISYI Graphic of Online Class

SomaYoga Online Class Links

Yoga North IYSI is committed to providing classes to support the well-being of our community during this time of uncertainty. Tuesday through Friday, participants have the opportunity to connect with each other and use the tools of yoga for whole-being well-being.

Tuesday 9:30–10:45am | SomaYoga for Pain & Stress Reduction followed by Satsanga | Molly McManus
Click to Join (please register first) Meeting ID: 850 3404 8410 | Passcode: 747526

Wednesday 10:30–11:45am | Gentle Yoga for Seniors & for Those with Neuromuscular Issues | Lynda Parrella
Click to Join (please register first) | Meeting ID: 875 3599 5028 | Passcode: 718837

Thursday 9:30–10:45am | SomaYoga followed by Satsanga | Ann Maxwell
Click to Join (please register first) | Meeting ID: 847 8002 3295 | Passcode: 001824

Friday 9am–10:15am | Stronger!—Hybrid Class | Offered ONLINE and IN STUDIO |  Robin Davidson

Yoga Classes in Duluth

Yoga North provides classes in a variety of styles including Somatics, SomaYoga, Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ayurveda and more. In addition, our studio offers a number of specialized classes and workshops on yogic thought and Eastern philosophy.

With a variety of weekly classes and over a dozen instructors, there is a class to serve everyone, whether to resolve pain or to improve athletic performance. Current and future students can learn about pricing information and upcoming classes, online or by contacting Susan at

Regarding COVID, and Delta, Omicron or other variants, we will be following CDC guidelines. Currently, masking is requested in common spaces with the Early Childcare downstairs,  optional masking during class, and in-person classes are limited to 10 participants, so the 6-foot social distancing rule can be observed. It would be smart to reserve a spot in advance if you plan to come to class!

As we all know, things can change quickly with COVID, so we appreciate all our students’ willingness to be flexible and cautious for the sake of the community.

Private Yoga Instruction

Yoga North also offers private yoga instruction for individuals and small groups in the areas of SomaYoga therapy, which includes somatics, classic yoga, and Ayurveda.