Our Main Location

UPDATE! We have MOVED to a new location as of April 2023. We have spent almost 3 decades on the second floor of the St. Michael’s Lakeside School building in the east end of Duluth, and we’re grateful for the many years of memories shared here! 

See you soon at 310 E. Superior St, Suite #120, Duluth, MN 55802 for a weekly studio class or if you’d like to schedule a private session regularly in this new space! Suite #120 is found inside CF Designs (#125) to the left when you enter the 310 building, then right toward the lakeside windows. See parking map and details below to help you plan your parking choice. 

To contact Yoga North ISYI business office:

  • Please call or email. Our space at 310 is not staffed except during yoga classes.
  • Monday–Thursday: 9 am–5 pm CT
  • Friday: 9 am–2 pm CT


To schedule a Zoom call regarding Yoga Teacher Training Questions & Answers: calendly.com/yoganorthduluth



Our Teacher Training Locations

  • Duluth Location
    Yoga North ISYI
    310 E. Superior St, Suite #120 (found inside Suite 125, CF Designs)
    Duluth, MN 55802


  • St. Paul Location—Spring Start
    Tula Yoga & Wellness
    St. Paul, MN 55104


  • Des Moines Location 
    Atha SomaYoga
    1200 Valley West Drive Suite 300
    West Des Moines, IA 50266

Parking near 310 E. Superior St


  • Can be efficiently paid through the “Park Duluth” app with a 20 cent transaction fee, or with quarters in the places where meters exist.
  • Rates are 25 cents per 10 minutes with a 2 hour limit (so $3 for 2 hrs) from 8:30am-5:30pm on weekdays, but free on early mornings, evenings, weekends and holidays.


  • The closest parking ramps are Fitgers, Medical District, HART, and Tech Village. (See parking map – we are quite close to Duluth Trading Company for a landmark.) The cheaper Essentia Green & Red parking ramps are a few blocks away up the hill.
  • Fitgers Ramp: First hour $2.50, each additional hour $1.50 to a max of $13 all day. You can get validated free parking if you buy something in Fitgers before leaving, or often there is no one staffing the booth so it’s pretty good odds if you want to take this gamble. 
  • Medical District Ramp & Historic Arts & Theatre Ramp (HART): $2 up to 3 hrs, $4 up to 5 hrs, $8 up to 8 hrs, $10 up to 12 hrs, $12 for 12-24 hrs.
    HART entrance is on Superior Street close to Fond Du Luth Casino.
    Med District entrance is on E 1st Street and has a skywalk that goes down through the Sheraton and brings you directly across Superior Street from our new location at 310 E. Superior Street. The Sheraton monitors the skywalk and requests that you just tell them where you are heading when you pass through the reception area.
  • Tech Village Ramp: $2 up to 3 hrs, $4 up to 5 hrs, $6 up to 8 hrs, $8 up to 12 hrs, $10 for 12-24 hrs.
    Tech Village entrance is on E. 1st Street.
  • Essentia Green & Red Ramps: Free 1-2 hrs, $1 for 2-3 hrs, $2 for 3-4 hrs, $3 for 4-5 hrs, $4 for 5-6 hrs, $5 for 6-7 hrs, $7 maximum daily rate.


  • Free street parking is 3-5 blocks away from 310 E. Superior St. 
  • Be aware that several blocks of free parking are on one-way streets.