This isn’t a sales pitch for Yoga North ISYI 500 hour yoga teacher training; this is an expression of deep gratitude. It has been a year of growth, understanding, and wisdom. As every emotion under the sun was experienced during teacher training, I wouldn’t change a thing. I have gained an understanding of SomaYoga, a knowledge of Self, professional development awareness, friendships, and the gift to help others. Yoga North has provided the most luxurious class of teacher training out there. I feel truly blessed to be a part of the Yoga North community, and to have experienced this training with every person involved.


When it comes to an understanding of the soma, you can’t beat the knowledge that Yoga North and the staff bring. I came into the training with a background in psychology and a 200 hour yoga teacher certificate. I knew that the connection between the mind and the body couldn’t be separated, but I didn’t understand how to articulate it. That was until SomaYoga. I have found this practice that encompasses whole being wellbeing. I have been able to release trauma held within my physical body, just to discover that same trauma was held in my emotional body. Through the guidance of SomaYoga practices, I found freedom.

Not only was I able to find more freedom on these so-called superficial layers of my being, but I am starting to have more awareness of who I really am. I see myself differently in this world. I am greater than I thought I was. I feel this connection to others, nature, and things in a way that makes me feel greater. I have started to see life through a modern lens; modern and new to me. This current view is filled with more love, gratitude, and curiosity. And let me tell you, it definitely makes life more enjoyable.


I am happy that I received such a blessing within this training, an awareness of self. I am ecstatic that I learned as well how to share this knowledge with others. To provide a service of whole being wellbeing has been my goal in life. I felt I lacked the skills to make a business worthwhile. Through the teacher training we developed skills to understand the business side of things, how to make connections, how to meet the student where they are, and to feel confident while doing so. SomaYoga is a service that I feel could benefit anyone I come in contact with.


Lastly, the bonds and friendships made while in teacher training have been one of the biggest blessings. I felt supported and safe within this cohort. Yoga North, Ann, Molly, and each and every teacher that shared their passion with us I will forever be grateful for. The level of compassion, skill, knowledge, and expertise in the field was above my wildest dreams. And just as much as I received from the teachers, I gained from my fellow peers. It was amazing to see how different backgrounds meshed into a greater understanding of SomaYoga. The contributing factor of this cohort is unique. Although it is unique, the fostering support by Yoga North is what allowed the community to be built.


I am and will forever be grateful that I decided to enroll in the 500 hour SomaYoga teacher training. Yoga North shattered all my expectations of a training and built a masterpiece. I know I have come into my own more because of this training. Great things have already happened because of my dedication to this journey, and I know more is on the way.


Allie Dittmer is a Yoga North ISYI +350/500 Hour/Level I Yoga Therapy Training alumni