Yoga North ISYI 25th Anniversary Collage

Written by Renee Moe 

25 things I love about Yoga North

  1. Molly & Ann
  2. The energy
  3. Sara
  4. The 51% idea
  5. Teri
  6. The incredible TT program
  7. Carla
  8. Inclusiveness
  9. Kristine
  10. Friendships
  11. Open houses with fun people & good food
  12. Susan
  13. The goodness
  14. Dan 
  15. Intelligence
  16. Open minds
  17. Warmth
  18. Open windows and fresh air floating in while taking classes in the summertime
  19. Graciousness
  20. Challenge
  21. Focus on the PRESENT. No day but today!
  22. Mind study
  23. Amazing guest teachers (Robin R, Indu, etc)
  24. Wisdom
  25. Love

Yoga North quietly celebrated a 25 year anniversary in 2020!

What an exciting landmark for Yoga North and for the many students that have been touched by the work of Yoga North in those 25 years. 

Renee Moe is a local Duluth neighbor of Yoga North, and recent graduate of the 200 Hour Teacher Training program, and she came up with a beautiful gift of a list of 25 things she loves about Yoga North to celebrate the 25th anniversary. 

If Renee’s list inspires you, we’d love to invite you to write a little something to help celebrate Yoga North’s 25 years of serving our community with SomaYoga and other ways. You’re invited to comment below and submit to this blog; or email our way separately.

With love & blessings,