SomaYoga Series: Neck & Back Relief with the Spinal Strip

March 21, 2017 - - $52.50, $45 student/senior/military (5 weeks)

Take time to improve the function of your spine, to relieve pain and tension and mobilize and stabilize your shoulder girdle.

Because many of us spend great amounts of time with our heads and shoulders in a forward orientation: i.e. working at our computers – it is not uncommon for our spines to become locked by tight superficial muscles in the upper middle back – the thoracic spine.

The therapeutic spinal strip is a safe and gentle way to bring mobility to this area of the spine using the tools of Critical Alignment Therapy and principles of SomaYoga.

Taught by Kat Lammerson

Mar. 21-Apr. 18th (5 weeks)
$52.50, $45 student/senior/military

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