Ayuvedic Cleanse

April 26, 2017 - - $52.50, $45 student/senior/military (5 weeks)
Ayurveda is understood to be the “science of life”, a science that guides us towards balance by aligning our personal routines with the larger rhythms of the seasons and nature. In the spring and early summer, the element of heat increases – thawing the earth and water, creating movement due to melting. This makes the spring and early summer the ideal time to undergo cleansing and detoxification practices.

In this series, we will discuss the basics of Ayurveda & seasonal routines, and key practices at this time of year to support our body’s most effective system for naturally cleansing and detoxifying – the digestive system.

Practices taught will include:
-daily self-care routines (such as tongue scraping and dry brushing)
-yoga asana (postures) that support cleansing and detoxification
-breath practices and mudra to support nourishment and cleansing
-a traditional Ayurvedic 3-7 day mono-diet cleanse, done with the support of community and led by an experienced teacher

Students are encouraged to use Banyan’s cleanse kit, which can be purchased at the studio for $69.95. Kit includes Detox tea, Sesame Oil, Triphala caps, and ingredients for 7 days of Kitcharee (ghee, beans, rice, and spices).

April 26-May 24 (5 weeks)
$52.50, $45 student/senior/military

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