Himalayan Institute’s Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist Unit 3: Improving our Digestion of Food, Thoughts & Actions

August 25, 2017 - - $399

AYS Units 1-3 and 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification are pre-requisites. In this Unit You will learn: Practical application of yoga and ayurvedic psychology; dinacharya (daily routine), cleansing, asana, pranayama and meditation Additional training on the nadis (energy channels) Working with private clients using yoga and ayurveda Assessment and developing a treatment plan Practice client interaction […]

SomaYoga Approach to Classic Asana Part I in Duluth

September 29, 2017 - - $230 before Aug. 29th. $245 after

Yoga Sutra 2.46 Sthira Sukham Asanam The posture should be steady and comfortable. Do you feel like your yoga poses are hurting you? Learn how to use good biomechanics in asanas to cultivate and maintain steady ease in yoga asanas. (postures). Yoga North International SomaYoga Institute is known for the methodology of SomaYoga- a unique […]

SomaYoga Therapy & Somatics Intensive in Duluth

October 06, 2017 - - $465 by 9/6/17, $495 after

Learn the hows and whys of SomaYoga Therapy and Somatics… Learn how SomaYoga Therapy and Somatics can help us work toward smarter muscles, and why two very conscious cycles with curiosity are better than 10 fast repetitions. Explore how Somatics involves the brain, muscles, and the nervous system. Learn how to incorporate it into yoga […]

SomaYoga Therapy & Somatics Clinical Techniques in Duluth

October 08, 2017 - - $465 by 9/8/17, $495 after

Learn how to work clinically with SomaYoga Methodology! This course will support you to become a very effective private session teacher. At Yoga North ISYI we have found it extremely valuable to work with yoga students & pain clients one on one. In private sessions the student gets their own unique needs met and a […]

SomaYoga Approach to Classic Asana Part II in Duluth

October 27, 2017 - - $230 before Sept. 27, $245 after

Now that you’ve learned the basics and methodology in part I, join us to deepen your practice and teaching skills with more complex poses. In this intensive we will learn how to use good biomechanics in yoga postures to cultivate and maintain steady ease in yoga asana (postures). We will explore how to level, modify […]

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