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TT200 Month 2 Blog Post: Being Honest with Myself by Carly Puch


    Our last weekend of the 200-hour Teacher Training certification included an introductory conversation about the functions of the mind and the Kleshas, key principles in the Sutras.  More specifically the Kleshas are obstacles we must learn to overcome. We talked about Raga, the “overwhelming attraction to pleasure, likes, attachment to what supports my […]

Discover the real you!


Before I had a yoga practice, life’s challenges knocked me on my butt. I often felt powerless. Frustrated. Alone. I would get stuck in the situation and have trouble finding my way out. I’d lose myself in a whirlwind of sadness and confusion. Sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be that way. In my yoga study, […]

The Journey of Yoga- On Meditation. 2nd in a series


By Judy Merritt. I strive to make the journey into the stillness of my breath each and every day. Each day is different. The one thing I know for sure is that I need to make the journey before I do anything else. Because once I start moving through my day, it’s hard to sit […]

Ahimsa: Part II- Balance by Sarah Turino


Last year Elizabeth Gilbert was in Saint Paul and a woman asked her about how she achieved ‘balance.’ Gilbert responded that she gave up the myth of balance a long time ago equating balance to perfection. “The word BALANCE has tilted dangerously close, I fear, to the word PERFECT.” Big Magic Against BALANCE… Dear Ones […]

Namaste by Sarah Turino


Namaste. My soul recognizes your soul. I honor the love, light, truth, beauty and kindness within you because it is also within me. In sharing these things, there is no difference or distance between us. We are the same. We are one. Namaste. I pray that this word isn’t so bandied about that it loses […]

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