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What is Sapta Dhatu Yoga anyway? by Indu Arora


Let me give you a little intro: According to Ayurveda our body is made up of 7 tissues (skin, bone, blood, muscle, etc). Each tissue holds its uniqueness in terms of its function, action and contribution to health. The same goes when we move from a state of health to a state of dis-ease. Each […]

Svastha: Ayurveda’s Definition of Health! by Molly McManus


Svastha or Swastha is the Sanskrit word for health swa= my own self                 stha = to be situated The following is the transliteration of the original Sloka in the Sushruti Samhita with an English translation and commentary for understanding its meaning and implications on our journey toward true health. Samadoşa samāgni ca sama dhātu malakriyah […]

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