The Voice That Calls


Some say when India calls you, it is a whisper…a little voice that you hear. That is how it seemed when deciding to go on my first trip, and yet the voice was constant.  In 2013, I traveled to India with a wonderful, large group. I felt safe and well cared for. My itinerary was […]

Alumni’s perspective on Yoga Therapy Certification Training


Linda Troutman has recently completed all modules of her 1000-hour Yoga Therapy training at Yoga North International Soma Yoga Institute, one of the few programs accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). The intensive training consisted of a prerequisite course which covered basic concepts of Thomas Hanna’s Somatics, a big influence across the […]

About us


To find true north, a compass must be adjusted to make up for the discrepancy between what it shows as true north and true north which is disguised by the earth’s magnetic pull. Like the false north shown on a compass, our egos often pretend to guide our lives, luring us down a path of […]

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